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I believe that behavior is a choice; what choices do you make?

What drives you to do the things you do? Are you aware of what you think, how you act and communicate? Are you aware in which situations this way of communicating, thinking and acting is effective and when not?

I facilitate change; I enjoy working with management and teams to help them become more self-aware of what they think, and how act and communicate. I help them discover how and when to adjust to become more effective in the context they work and live in.

I embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Stephen Covey's principles to strive for Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness both in business and beyond.

Is your organization facing challenges of implementing new strategies, organizational changes or striving for performance improvement? I have a long track record in designing and implementing development programs using effective interventions to ensure that the your choose the right mindset, beliefs and attitudes, necessary to adopt the organizational changes. Creating the conditions where people are open to learn and develop the right skills in order to establish this is one of my strengths. In my programs, both management as teams are held accountable to work on this together. I believe that real change comes from engaging all parties in this process: bottom-up AND top-down.

Do you want to learn more on the WHY, HOW or WHAT? I believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so feel free to contact me and learn more about our approach.


René Wientjens

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Dit beproefde concept vormt de basis voor onze op maat gemaakte trainings- en coachingtrajecten.

MAD staat voor:
Mindset, Attitude, Discipline


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