The numbers tell the tale

Because of the absolute baseline measurement of assessments, they are a powerful tool for staff recruitment, transfers and departures. It's a valuable addition to our training and coaching projects. We offer a number of different assessments, allowing us to work towards targets.

Profile Assessment:
This allows you to extensively investigate the (potential) employee's profile, based on thinking level, personality traits and professional interests. This profile can be compared with the profile determined by you.

Performance Assessment:
This is a personality test, specifically designed for executives. This allows you to see what kind of profile the (potential) executive has in terms of dominance, influence, stability, analytical ability and intrinsic motivation. This is an assessment according to DISC(M) with a fifth Motivation scale.

Sales Indicator Assessment
With this assessment, you can determine to what extent the employee has the capacity to be a successful salesman. They are tested in the field of competitiveness, confidence, tenacity, energy and commercial drive. In addition, this tool measures seven critical commercial behaviour variables: acquiring new customers, closing sales, resistance to phone acquisition, self-starting, team orientation, building and maintaining relationships and remuneration preference.

Customer-orientation Assessment
Customer-oriented and helpful staff determines the success of your organisation. This assessment measures eight behaviour variables: trust, discretion/tact, empathy, punctuality, conformity, goal orientation, courtesy and flexibility.

360 degrees Feedback;
Eighteen competences of managers are quantified in the following groups: leadership, communication, adaptability, personal development, development of others, production, task and relation-oriented management.

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